When Portland Ave was a dirt road….

Portland Avenue was a dirt road in 1934 and houses were sparse, but Oklahoma City was growing northwest, and a group of Baptists decided to start a church in a home around North 13th on that dirt road.

As the group grew, they needed a place to gather and worship and built their first church as a wood frame 28’ x 44’ building. A group of 148 people celebrated its completion on May 20, 1934 and shortly thereafter, he church was organized with a membership of 38.

Dr. Walter Mullican, the 13th pastor, has served his God, church and community since 1992 and has the longest pastor tenure in the church’s history. He, along with his wife Kathy, not only serve the people in Portland Avenue Baptist Church; they intentionally and proactively love the neighbors outside their building in the community. 

The WesTen District is fortunate to have several faith communities that purpose to live out their faith.  Congratulations to Mullicans for 28 years of service.