A “Happy Place” in WesTen?

For over 47 years people of all ages have indicated their “happy place” is in the WesTen District.  You may have driven by this place a hundred (maybe a thousand) times and never been inside but it has hosted a wedding reception, lots of baby showers, a recent 50th birthday party, many 1st birthday parties, graduation parties, pretty much any kind of party, weekly leagues, monthly tournaments, and even a pro-circuit tournament.  This place is Cactus Jacks Family Fun Center located at 1211 N Council.

In the 1970s when amusement arcades became popular, Cactus Jacks Family Fun Center started right at the beginning of this “new” entertainment and continues to be Oklahoma’s oldest running arcade.  In their 12,000 square foot building they currently have 145 games including 50 pinball machines.  Carolyn, the general manager for over 15 years, loves her job; after all, she works in her “happy place.”