Anything good happen in WesTen in 2020?

Even with all the challenges in the country right now, the WesTen District is grateful for so many things, such as:

  • The faithful community board that continues to work to improve our area
  • The many legacy (long term) businesses
  • The new LED streetlights along Northwest 10th Street enhancing security
  • Tyler Media providing WesTen signage
  • The upcoming 25 new LED streetlights coming to North MacArthur
  • 18 trees to plant in two of our parks
  • Facilitating the planting of 1000 bulbs along the Northwest 10 Street corridor #REBLOOMOklahoma
  • The historically local opportunities—speakers, tours, ceremonies…
  • Hosting litter blitzes to clean up the Northwest 10th Street Corridor
  • Creating a network to connect WesTen businesses
  • Hosting our first successful online auction
  • Polar Donut/WesTen, “glad you’re our neighbor” deliveries

…and the list could go on.  Join us in celebrating WesTen as a Bright Spot.