A WesTen Family Legacy

The Moesel Family has a long personal and professional history in west Oklahoma City.  In 1963, Marjorie and Dick Moesel purchased Alex’s Florist and Greenhouses at 4315 Northwest 10th (currently O’Reilly Auto Parts) which became the iconic Moesel’s Hort-Haven, well known for its extensive collections of plant materials & plant knowledge.

They also helped start the OSU-OKC University Horticulture Program (at Northwest 10th and North Portland).

The youngest Moesel sibling, Rodd, started American Plant Company at the shopping center just east of Moesel’s Hort-Haven (original home for Hobby Lobby) at 4223 Northwest 10th in 1976.  A few years later, Rodd and, his wife, Dona moved the business to their current location at 9200 NW 10th.

Rodd, who continues to live in west OKC, is passionate about the beautiful sunsets at Lake Overholser which are really the “west window of the WesTen District”.  Any day he is Oklahoma City, he photo documents them and those sunsets are a thing of beauty.