Taproom in WesTen is One of a Kind for Oklahoma

Do you like craft beer? Do you like to support local entrepreneurs? If the answer to both of those questions is yes, you should visit Oklahoma’s only Brewer “union” right here in the WesTen District at 520 N Meridian Ave. Brewers Union serves as an incubator for craft beer makers and aspiring commercial brewers by fostering their talent and providing the business space and tools to grow.

Beyond the actual business of making beer, they have a LOT of events. Learn more by checking out their facebook and web page.

Brewers Union was featured in Lauren Roth’s 100 Things to do in Oklahoma City Before You Die, below is an excerpt:

…Brewing craft been on a scale that’s any larger than your garage is complex and expensive. The Brewers Union at 520 N Meridian Avenue provides a sort of incubation space for startup brewers to get their brands off the ground. In the process, it functions as a taproom that features four different brands for aficionados to sample. Think of it as a mini brew crawl in one spot….