The Power of Simply Doing the Next Thing

WesTen is the home of a castle that now stands as a testament to a hopeful future and the power of simply doing the next thing.

Bill Blecha, the builder of Castle Falls, was born in 1895 in Oklahoma Indian Territory; worked at Pawnee Bill’s 101 Ranch; and mined for gold in Costa Rica all before serving in World War I.  You could say he was an adventurer.  Then, on January 23, 1945 (1-23-45) in the midst of World War II, Blecha began construction on what we refer to as “the castle.”

The times were uncertain and surreal; no one knew when or how the war would end.

Spring 2020 is a surreal time of uncertainty–we aren’t quite sure when or how this pandemic will end– but it will end. WesTen encourages you to focus on a hopeful future and the power in simply doing the next thing.  Until this season does end, be discerning and safe.