The Oldest WesTen Business?

Three generations ago around 1949, Walt Bower’s Grandpa, the manager of the gas station at Northwest 10th and North Ann Arbor, bought the land northeast and southeast of his gas station.  Over the years, he started several more businesses including a welding company, an excavation company, and a dune buggy manufacturing business.  Each of these businesses shared a main office on NW 10th in the old train station by the railroad tracks (currently Kings Worldwide Transportation). 

In the mid 1970’s Walt and his son Ron began selling their properties from Meridian to Ann Arbor but kept 700 Evanhale Rd to use as storage barns for their friends’ boats, horse trailers and RVs.  This location is now All-Purpose Storage and interestingly, has 40% of their original customers with Dan Bower’s daughter, third generation Ronda Morgan running it. They might possibly be the oldest WesTen Legacy business with over 70 years and counting.