Interested in Creating a Bright Spot?

Bring some Christmas Cheer to a Senior in One of Our Neighborhood Nursing Homes

Some of our seniors at the Windsor Hills Nursing Home, many without any family, would love to have a little Christmas “magic” this year.

Adopt a Resident gives you the opportunity to get them a small gift and deliver in a “December 9 Drive-By Event ” or dropping off with the Activity Director.  Sign up specifics are here.  For more information, FAQ, or more details see below or email here. 

The Drive-By will be December 9th, 6-8PM at Windsor Hills Nursing Home at NW 24th and N Ann Arbor. You can drive by the nursing home and honk & wave. The residents will be standing (inside) by the windows, or you can arrange to drop off at another time by calling the Activity Director.

  1. Can I visit my “Resident? Yes, if you have been vaccinated. If you have small children, typically the nursing homes have been asking that they wear a mask.
  2. Can I decorate my “Residents” room?  Absolutely, just call the Activity director and set that up.
  3. What date should I deliver my gift, for my resident?  By the 10th of December, if you possible.  If you want to deliver your gift directly to your resident, please contact the Activity director at the facility where your resident resides.
  4. Can I wrap my gift?  We ask that you use Christmas shopping bags. They are a $1 at Dollar Tree.
  5. Can I ship the gift to the nursing home directly?  Yes, just put the residents name/the Activity directors’ name.
  6. What if I want to Christmas cards for the entire facility of residents? You can use the signup genius list for first names, or just do “Dear Friend” cards. The residents especially appreciate the cards.  The residents from last year hung the Christmas cards in their rooms and they are still there today.
  7. Can I write my resident after the holidays?  Yes, they may not write back, due to arthritis, etc. but you are more than welcome to write them. The hope when Covid is over, is recruit a teenager in the facilities to take dictation.
  8. What if my teen needs service hours? They can do Christmas cards for their service hours.
  9. What about lap blankets, no slip socks, & hygiene products?  They can use all of those products. Lap blankets for $3 at Walmart & Academy, the no slip socks are sold everywhere, & the hygiene products.
  10. What if I want to visit my resident again?  Just schedule that with the Activity director.
  11. What if our family or church would like to sing Christmas Carols to the residents?  Absolutely, if they are vaccinated & can provide a copy of their vaccination.  Just call the Activity director and schedule that with her.  The residents will love it.  Most are allowing 10 vaccinated Carolers per party.
  12. We want to bring candy canes, is that ok? If they are wrapped in original packaging
  13. Do they accept baked goods?  If the items are in the original packaging. 

These residents’ faces light up when they receive anything.  They are always very grateful for everything that they receive.

Make a Merry Christmas for someone!