Immigration Center in WesTen

In 2022, the Immigration Center at Western Oaks Church of the Nazarene (ICWO), located at N Council and NW 16, provided legal immigration services to 603 clients, which included Afghans and Ukrainians.  During the past six years, ICWO has helped immigrants from 65 countries who have come to the United States as refugees, sponsored family members, DACA recipients, and persons with temporary protected status. 

The Brightest “Spot” for ICWO is they have helped more than 100 individuals achieve naturalization each year.  For more information, contact 405-506-0346 or visit their web page here.

It is a Bright Spot that the ICWO calls WesTen District and serves as a great community partner.

Pictured: A Citizenship Celebration and the ICWO Staff.