WesTen History

Historically the area now known as WesTen is the home to Council Grove, a timber reserve of cottonwood, elm and oaks and Native American refuge.  In the early 1900s it was a major corridor from downtown Oklahoma City to Yukon. The history of WesTen is from at least as early as the 1940’s where, anecdotally, there was a contest in The Daily Oklahoman to name the theater originally in the 3900 block of NW 10th and in the “district”.  Whether this story is actual truth or not is yet to be determined, but in 2015 the community group known as Friends of NW 10th Street, founded in 2008, adopted the original name of the business district—WesTen.

The WesTen Board of Directors is made up of residents, business people and area organizations representatives. A big thank you to these individuals who are diligently serving their community:

President, Ken Guthery - Intrust Bank

Vice President, Bryan Taylor -Taylor Foam

Treasurer, Michelle Shipley - Cardinal Aquatech Pools 

Secretary, Tammy Moore -  Urban & Landscape

Member, Amy Rollins - Castle Falls Restaurant & Venue

Member, Angela Woost - Intrust Bank

Member, Bryan Taylor - Taylor Foam

Member, Debbie Formhals - Resident

Member, Eric Colvin - Colvin Motorcycle Company

Member, Joey Allen - King’s Worldwide Transportation

Member, Ken Smith - Smith Farm and Garden

Member, Richard Schiver - Lion’s Club

Member, Arodi Sanchez - Reaching Our City (ROC)

Director, Robin Jones

board of directors graphic

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