What businesses are in WesTen?

The WesTen District is home to hundreds of businesses—many locally-owned, one-of-a-kind, and multi-generational. There is a lot of opportunity for business growth and a strong customer base in the district.

Free Donuts! WesTen has teamed up with Polar Donuts (one of the BEST donut shops in town) to deliver a dozen donuts to your business as a neighborhood gift.  If you are a WesTen business and would like to participate, just sign up here.

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WesTen 60 Year Legacy Businesses:

The WesTen District celebrated and honored five Legacy Businesses who are multi-generational, thriving and at least 60-years-old at their 12th annual banquet in 2019. Cardinal Aquatech Pools, Connelly Paving, Miller’s Floor Store, Minick Materials, and Smith Farm and Garden have been in business from 60 to more than 100 years in Oklahoma. Each business received a map of Council Grove Township in 1907, which is where WesTen is located, with their present-day location designated.

There are at lest two other 60 year plus legacy businesses, Hinton Refrigeration Co. and Precure Garden Center, and WesTen is looking for more.

WesTen Business Directory

Looking for a specific business or just want to learn more about what's in the neighborhood? Check out our business directory, and be sure to check back regularly for new additions!  If there are any corrections needed in this directory, simply email with the updates.

10th Sreet Laundromat Inc4223 NW 107 10TH STOKLAHOMA CITYOK731074056016260
10th Street Family Medical Ctr4023 NW 10TH STOKLAHOMA CITYOK731074056326690
A M Supply4701 NW 10TH STOKLAHOMA CITYOK731274059476770
A R Foodmart4001 NW 10TH STOKLAHOMA CITYOK731074056010950
AAA Billiard Supply4619 NW 10TH STOKLAHOMA CITYOK731274059179300
Absolute Economical Funeral Hm7721 NW 10TH STOKLAHOMA CITYOK731274057879300
Advance Auto Parts1010 N ROCKWELL AVEOKLAHOMA CITYOK4054916090
Affordable Signs & Decals952 N MACARTHUR BLVDOKLAHOMA CITYOK731274059427060
Allied Fence Co4836 NW 10TH STOKLAHOMA CITYOK731274059462700
Allied Foam Fabricators Inc902 N ANN ARBOR AVEOKLAHOMA CITYOK731274059460384
Allied Glass Inc4400 NW 10TH STOKLAHOMA CITYOK731074059433220
Alligator Alley4636 NW 10TH STOKLAHOMA CITYOK731274059492550
Aloha Tile & Marble Inc4825 NW 10TH STOKLAHOMA CITYOK731274059475050
American Benefits4540 NW 10TH STOKLAHOMA CITYOK731274052124210
American Benefits Underwriters4540 NW 10TH ST #200OKLAHOMA CITYOK731274059436400
American Self Storage929 N MERIDIAN AVEOKLAHOMA CITYOK731074059428230
Anyhour Services Inc1215 N MACARTHUR BLVDOKLAHOMA CITYOK731274057894080
Apple Barrell Mall4620 NW 10TH STOKLAHOMA CITYOK731270
Auburn Lane Apartments6013 NW 10TH STOKLAHOMA CITYOK731274054952480
Auto Cap 4601 NW 10TH STOKLAHOMA CITYOK731274059432260
Autozone4524 NW 10TH STOKLAHOMA CITYOK731274059425240
Azteca Lawn Svc Inc1109 N HARVARDOKLAHOMA CITYOK731274059425870
Bad Girl Pawn4511 NW 10TH STOKLAHOMA CITYOK731274056009110
Bailey Audio1107 1/2 N GARDNER AVE OKLAHOMA CITYOK731274054951010
Baluu's Restaurant7925 NW 10TH STOKLAHOMA CITYOK731274057877960
Basco Screen Printing3841 NW 10TH STOKLAHOMA CITYOK73107(405) 323-1743
Beauty World Beauty Supply1105 N Meridian Ave # AOKLAHOMA CITYOK731274059179000
Beaver Food & Gas3901 NW 10TH STOKLAHOMA CITYOK731074059425130
Belzona Industrial Solutions3943 NW 10TH STOKLAHOMA CITYOK731074059486910
Best Wes-Ten Self Storage3904 NW A 10TH STOKLAHOMA CITYOK731074059427210
Beverly's Blue Fox4612 NW 10TH STOKLAHOMA CITYOK731274056050100
Black Beard Merine 6408 NW 10TH STOKLAHOMA CITYOK731274054953230
Black Beard Merine 6400 NW 10TH STOKLAHOMA CITYOK731270
Bob Hurley Ford LLC7721 NW 10TH ST #EOKLAHOMA CITYOK731274057873110
Builders Warehouse7137 NW 10th StOKLAHOMA CITYOK731274057820480
Cabinet Outlet7145 NW 10th StOKLAHOMA CITYOK731274057894300
Cake & Party Stop3621 NW 10TH STOKLAHOMA CITYOK731074059422930
Camelot Pub3943 NW 10TH STOKLAHOMA CITYOK731074059499570
Capps Furniture & Appliances3939 NW 10TH STOKLAHOMA CITYOK731074059477630
Cardinal Aquatech Pools6500 NW 10TH STOKLAHOMA CITYOK731274054952570
Cash America Pawn4024 NW 10TH STOKLAHOMA CITYOK731074059467020
Central Oklahoma Winnelson Co5037 NW 10TH STOKLAHOMA CITYOK731274059478760
Chad's Car Care Inc950 N COUNCIL RDOKLAHOMA CITYOK731274057876360
Champion Supply Co Inc1120 N VERMONT AVEOKLAHOMA CITYOK731074056815550
Charlie's Body Shop6710 NW 10th St # COKLAHOMA CITYOK731274057871760
Chestnut Hills Apartments7228 NW 10TH ST #A1OKLAHOMA CITYOK731274057891020
Christopher A Woods & Assoc1133 N PortlandOKLAHOMA CITYOK73107405.525.5005
Chuck House Restaurant4430 NW 10TH STOKLAHOMA CITYOK731074059420850
Church's Chicken4438 NW 10TH STOKLAHOMA CITYOK731074059426010
City Smoke Stop6537 NW 10TH STOKLAHOMA CITYOK731274054954890
Clear Soundz Car Audio4100 NW 10TH STOKLAHOMA CITYOK731074059519150
Club Monet1164 N Macarthur BlvdOKLAHOMA CITYOK731274056052760
Cocina Marin4101 NW 10TH STOKLAHOMA CITYOK731074059478880
Colvin Motorcycle Co906 N ANN ARBOR AVEOKLAHOMA CITYOK731074059466130
Connelly Ready Mix1011 N TULSA AVEOKLAHOMA CITYOK731074056014140
Council Stainless & Sheet Meta7918 NW 10TH STOKLAHOMA CITYOK731274057874400
Crazy Dave's Appl Furn-Thrift1152 N Macarthur BlvdOKLAHOMA CITYOK731274056019090
Credit Furniture Ctr1120 N MERIDIAN AVEOKLAHOMA CITYOK731074059480100
Davenport Enterprises4625 NW 10TH STOKLAHOMA CITYOK731274059477830
Davey Tree Expert Co7721 NW 10TH ST #COKLAHOMA CITYOK731274054400060
David's Sea-Doo Svc6300 NW 10TH STOKLAHOMA CITYOK731034057894540
Dental Services Group3904 NW A 10TH STOKLAHOMA CITYOK731074059426220
Discount Food Mart5241 NW 10TH STOKLAHOMA CITYOK731274059486000
Don's Wrecker Svc4024 NW 10TH STOKLAHOMA CITYOK731074056402300
Dr Doo's Pwc Clinic LLC7706 NW 10TH STOKLAHOMA CITYOK731274057898430
Dubz & Up Tire & Auto Ctr6700 NW 10TH STOKLAHOMA CITYOK000004056032800
Duo 10th Street4139 NW 10TH STOKLAHOMA CITYOK731074052088990
Edge3929 NW 10TH STOKLAHOMA CITYOK731074059488430
Edward A Miller Oil-Gas Invest4713 NW 10TH STOKLAHOMA CITYOK731274059460560
Electrical Displays3844 NW 10th StOKLAHOMA CITYOK731074059471400
Elkhorn Apartments4120 NW 10TH ST #105OKLAHOMA CITYOK731074059431820
Exclusive Wireless Inc1105 N Meridian Ave # BOKLAHOMA CITYOK731274059426610
Family Dollar Store4411 NW 10TH STOKLAHOMA CITYOK731074059462110
Family Dollar Store7117 NW 10th StOKLAHOMA CITYOK731274057890260
Finish Line Automotive 4641 NW 10TH STOKLAHOMA CITYOK000004056052030
Fire Department Fire Mntnc600 N Portland AveOK4052971300
Franz Tool Co1120 N PENIEL STOKLAHOMA CITYOK731274054953630
Gavula Brothers Garage4821 NW 10TH STOKLAHOMA CITYOK731274059490860
Glen Apartments5924 NW 10TH STOKLAHOMA CITYOK731274056034670
Gordon's Auto Trim & Boat Sls6904 NW 10TH STOKLAHOMA CITYOK731274057877890
H & H Enterprises4429 NW 10TH STOKLAHOMA CITYOK731074059431230
H & L Auto Service & Repair6327 NW 10TH STOKLAHOMA CITYOK731270
Hayden Place Apartments6305 NW 10TH STOKLAHOMA CITYOK731270
Heartland Baptist Bible Clg4700 NW 10TH STOKLAHOMA CITYOK731274059439330
Heritage Ridge Apartments7550 NW 10TH STOKLAHOMA CITYOK731274056038630
Hinton Refrigeration Co1020 N VIRGINIA DROKLAHOMA CITYOK73107-57414059462766
House of Kawasaki7900 NW 10TH STOKLAHOMA CITYOK731274057877900
Human Services Dept7201 NW 10th StOK000004054706200
INTRUST Bank5100 NW 10TH STOKLAHOMA CITYOK731274059496500
J C Auto Repair4100 NW 10TH STOKLAHOMA CITYOK731074056053740
Jan's Jewelry Supplies3629 NW 10TH STOKLAHOMA CITYOK731074056003040
Joan L Jamison4330 NW 10th StOKLAHOMA CITYOK731074054254420
Johnie's Used Cars4709 NW 10TH STOKLAHOMA CITYOK731274059426800
K Nails4104 NW 10TH STOKLAHOMA CITYOK731074059433160
Kennedy's Auction900 N ROCKWELL AVEOKLAHOMA CITYOK731274054703530
Kidzone Learning Ctr Inc4113 NW 10TH STOKLAHOMA CITYOK731074059470000
King's Limousine4801 NW 10TH STOKLAHOMA CITYOK731274057335470
Kings Worldwide Transportation4801 NW 10TH STOKLAHOMA CITYOK731278003459480
Hartford Apartments 7408 NW 10TH STOKLAHOMA CITYOK731270
Latinos Supermarket4223 NW 107 10TH STOKLAHOMA CITYOK731074056017980
Liberty Tax Svc1111 N Meridian Ave # AOKLAHOMA CITYOK731274059473990
Lil Rick's Collision Ctr4612 NW 10TH STOKLAHOMA CITYOK731274059439620
Lions Clubs of Oklahoma4123 NW 10th StOK4059476540
Liquor Corner5831 NW 10TH STOKLAHOMA CITYOK731274059424030
Lovie J Buckingham4330 NW 10th StOKLAHOMA CITYOK731074054254470
M & N Quick Stop4001 NW 10TH STOKLAHOMA CITYOK731074059497000
Martha's Tavern On Tenth7701 NW 10th StOKLAHOMA CITYOK731274054400100
Mattress Store3609 NW 10TH STOKLAHOMA CITYOK731074059434770
Mc Cord Testing Equipment1008 N COUNCIL RDOKLAHOMA CITYOK731274057879120
Meridian Apartments4220 NW 10TH STOKLAHOMA CITYOK731070
Miller's Floor Store4713 NW 10TH STOKLAHOMA CITYOK731274059460710
Mimi Discount Tobacco4500 NW 10TH STOKLAHOMA CITYOK731274057788090
Mulberry Park7652 NW 10TH STOKLAHOMA CITYOK731274057874410
National Auto Accessories4621 NW 10TH STOKLAHOMA CITYOK731274059463540
New Life Community Church7710 NW 10TH STOKLAHOMA CITYOK731274057870010
Nix Lumber Inc5117 NW 10TH STOKLAHOMA CITYOK731274059425560
Norshel Trailers5205 NW 10TH STOKLAHOMA CITYOK731274059469800
Northwest 10th Auto7729 NW 10TH STOKLAHOMA CITYOK731274057890310
Northwest 10th Liquor Store4141 NW 10TH STOKLAHOMA CITYOK731074059420750
Notario Publico Deity Madrid4223 NW 107 10TH STOKLAHOMA CITYOK731074056017310
Nutriticion Fundamental Inc4223 NW 107 10TH ST #103OKLAHOMA CITYOK731074059488390
Oklahoma Business Forms3848 NW 10TH STOKLAHOMA CITYOK731074059473680
Oklahoma City Fire Dept850 N Portland AveOK4052971310
Oklahoma Community Health Svc4023 NW 10TH STOKLAHOMA CITYOK731074056007850
Oklahoma County Health Ctr4330 NW 10th StOKLAHOMA CITYOK731074054194150
Oklahoma County Senior Program5016 NW 10TH STOKLAHOMA CITYOK731274059492710
Oklahoma State Univ OK City900 N Portland AveOK4059474420
Oklahoma State Univ Tech Collg900 N Portland AveOK4059453260
Orbit Shell3637 NW 10TH STOKLAHOMA CITYOK731074059177310
O'Reilly Auto Parts1100 N ROCKWELL AVEOKLAHOMA CITYOK731274054910570
OSU-OKC Library900 N Portland AveOK4059453250
Parts 1 One Appliance Parts7110 NW 10TH STOKLAHOMA CITYOK731274054955930
Patches & Plugs Tires & Wheels1104 N MACARTHUR BLVDOKLAHOMA CITYOK731274059491030
Polar Donuts1111 N Meridian Ave # BOKLAHOMA CITYOK731274059467450
Professional Plumbing Svc1100 N Ann Arbor AveOK4059463340
Ranch House Cafe5000 NW 10TH STOKLAHOMA CITYOK731274057021770
Reaching Our City7710 NW 10TH STOKLAHOMA CITYOK731274054409990
Red Cap Tag Agency3916 NW 10TH STOKLAHOMA CITYOK731074059423130
Rockwell Villa Apartments905 N ROCKWELL AVEOKLAHOMA CITYOK731274057879400
Rowe Auto Svc4004 NW 10TH STOKLAHOMA CITYOK731074059468990
Seal Co Enterprises Inc925 N MERIDIAN AVEOKLAHOMA CITYOK731074059473310
Secur Care Self Storage5110 NW 10TH STOKLAHOMA CITYOK731274059432100
Sierra Crossings1020 N GARDNER AVEOKLAHOMA CITYOK4057871710
Signtec4805 NW 10TH STOKLAHOMA CITYOK731274057457560
Silvertree Productions906 N ANN ARBOR AVEOKLAHOMA CITYOK731274059420310
Smith Distributing Co4110 NW 10TH STOKLAHOMA CITYOK731074059476480
Smith Farm & Garden3733 NW 10TH STOKLAHOMA CITYOK731074059469830
Sonterra Apartments7524 NW 10th StOKLAHOMA CITYOK731274054910440
Sooner Muffler7100 NW 10TH STOKLAHOMA CITYOK731274057870070
Stanart Auto4904 NW 10TH STOKLAHOMA CITYOK731274059491410
Standard Building Maintenance1024 N Tulsa AveOKLAHOMA CITYOK731074059462670
State Auto Insurance4030 NW 10th StOKLAHOMA CITYOK731074059435580
Superior Hardwod Floors & Tile4816 NW 10TH STOKLAHOMA CITYOK4056158830
Supermart1028 N MACARTHUR BLVDOKLAHOMA CITYOK731274059480090
Taqueria La Original1143 N Rockwell AveOKLAHOMA CITYOK731274056033800
Ted's Appliances3541 NW 10TH STOKLAHOMA CITYOK731074059427870
Terrace Apartments/Reserve at West 10th 6640 NW 10th StOKLAHOMA CITYOK731274057879080
The Grove Apartments1128 N GLADE AVEOKLAHOMA CITYOK4057871280
Tim's Outboard Svc6821 NW 10TH STOKLAHOMA CITYOK731274057875670
Tire Depot4628 NW 10TH STOKLAHOMA CITYOK731274059438470
Top Hat Laundry & Cleaners1145 N Rockwell AveOKLAHOMA CITYOK731274057895890
Top Quality Motors5207 NW 10TH STOKLAHOMA CITYOK730034057820510
Toy Base 104028 NW 10th StOKLAHOMA CITYOK731074056014480
Tran Laundry4045 NW 10TH STOKLAHOMA CITYOK731074056042920
Trinity Maintenance Inc6815 NW 10TH STOKLAHOMA CITYOK731274054950990
Triple T Motors4545 NW 10TH STOKLAHOMA CITYOK731274056055880
Tropical Plant Leasing Svc6124 NW 10TH STOKLAHOMA CITYOK731274054957140
U-Haul Neighborhood Dealer1100 N MERIDIAN AVEOKLAHOMA CITYOK731074055211040
Universal Upholstery4034 NW 10th StOKLAHOMA CITYOK731074055244410
University & Student Svc4540 NW 10TH STOKLAHOMA CITYOK731274055637040
Up-in-Smoke1134 N Macarthur BlvdOKLAHOMA CITYOK731274056050420
Urban Lawn & Landscape4610 NW 10TH STOKLAHOMA CITYOK731274057821000
Vape USA5833 NW 10TH STOKLAHOMA CITYOK731274059422420
Variety Care Family Health4023 NW 10TH STOKLAHOMA CITYOK731074055431810
W R Western Co4915 NW 10TH STOKLAHOMA CITYOK731274056055590
We Clean for You4628 NW 10TH STOKLAHOMA CITYOK731274059425330
West Tenth Street Baptist Chr6732 NW 10th StOKLAHOMA CITYOK4057893340
WesTen Mini Storage3906 NW 10TH STOKLAHOMA CITYOK731070
Westoaks Barber & Style Shop1131 N Rockwell AveOKLAHOMA CITYOK731274057898980
Westoaks Liquor Store1133 N Rockwell AveOKLAHOMA CITYOK731274057891380
Westoaks Mobile Home Park7200 NW 10TH ST #47OKLAHOMA CITYOK731274057871030
Westside Lions Club4135 NW 10th StOKLAHOMA CITYOK4059429120
Winwood Properties5001 NW 10th StOKLAHOMA CITYOK731274059425500
World of Magic Inc906 N ANN ARBOR AVEOKLAHOMA CITYOK731274059482770
Zapatas 4403 NW 10TH STOKLAHOMA CITYOK731074059434260

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